Roger & Maggie At Large 2010 travel blog

Statue of Liberty in all her splendor.

Ellis Island where many of our ancestors came into this country.

Magnificent Newport Marina directly across from Manhattan.

Ground Zero construction site.

We took the Liberty Landing Ferry across to Manhattan Financial terminal with...

Brunch at the Boathouse in Central Park - elegant!

Talented family sings in tunnel building in Central Park.

Dixieland Band gig in Central Park.

We rode the bicycle cabs through Central Park on our way to...

Central Park. A cool oasis amid an island of concrete and steel.

Maggie's camera was malfunctioning so we decided to buy a new one...

Our second marina in Jersey - Liberty Landing Marina at sunset.

We toured the USS Intrepid, now a museum, that was commissioned in...

Pool players along river front park. What a neat idea!

Coast Guard Security boat around Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty Island.

Doing the Audio Tour at Statue of Liberty.

Roger said "capture that setting" and we did, on camera. How gorgeous.

A clear day on the Hudson River.

Before we got to the large body of water just north of Sandy Hook, New Jersey Roger warned me to have the camera ready. I was going to go into sensory overload. So I was ready and things started happening in rapid succession ... rough waters at the confluence of the Hudson River, the East River, and the Atlantic Ocean. But rough only for a short period of time. Then barges & bridges. A few light houses. Then Ferries, coming from every direction. Statue of Liberty surrounded by tour boats. Then Ellis Island. And OMG! The backdrop, although faded behind a curtain of fog and drizzle, was almost indescribable. The skyline of buildings is awesome (using Austin Harper's favorite adjective). Comparable to the feeling one gets at the Grand Canyon. This all coming from a big city gal (Chicago). But there is no comparison. NYC and Jersey City across the Hudson River are so spectacular. The 360 degree panorama is something to be experienced. And it must be experienced by boat. Flying in doesn't give one the same perspective.

Our week long NYC Experience was great. We did our sightseeing Kilgore style. One day we took our bikes on the ferry to Manhattan and spent the day riding along the Hudson River shores, coupled with several hours touring the Intrepid Museum in the harbor. Another day we checked out Ground Zero, taxied to Central Park, took a bicycle cab to the Boathouse in the park, meandered through the park, taxied back to the ferry terminal and refreshed at a sidewalk cafe, experiencing some fine beverages and snacks. Toward the end of our visit we spent the better part of the day touring the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and museums.

Our last day we had a second visit with cousin Anne Rodger and her husband John. They just got back from a short trip to the mountains... Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. We are lucky that they had the energy to take us to dinner during a busy work week for John and a busy golf time for Anne. John showered us with fine cheeses that we are enjoying on this trip (John works for a food importer). Thank you John and Anne. Fine hospitality.

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