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I went with my school to Greece in Gr 11 with my friend Jessica, an about 12 other students.

Greece was busy, white, inviting, fast, and Canadian friendly. Frequently we would run into shop keepers or restaurant owners who would treat us special because we sported our red and white.

I do not have any pictures to post, because I was still in the era of film. The

The weather was mostly cloudy throughout, which suited me fine-shopping in the "Plaka" squares outside was dry due to the overhanging canopies. I loved our brief visit to Delphi, which hosts the Temple of Apollos. I can't believe people would travel by horse or foot to such a remote-hanging-off-the-hill location to visit the oracles, attend university, or watch some sports and theatre. It's location offered a great view of the Valley.

Jess and I, being High School girls and therefore, immature, took on a mutual challenge to take pictures with attractive Italian tourists as often as possible, whether it be by going up to them and asking, or sitting discretely and conveniently a few steps ahead of them.

Words that sum up my memories of this trip: white buildings, little cars, brick streets, wild roaming dogs, construction (we went the spring before the olympics) kiosks, an evening smirnoff, the Plaka, day cruise, crazy bus routes up hills.

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