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Flamingo Lake Welcome Center

Flamingo Lake pool area

Flamingo Lake

My son and daughter in law visiting us during the July 4...

This is why you buy a trailer with a rear picture window...

Our campsite

Another view of the 18 acre lake from inside the trailer

The other side of our campsite - one of my cars in...

Where we sit in the evenings

Looking up the lake - the lake is down about two feet....

Every campsite has a marine grade power pole

The campground cafe

For the past year, I have been fixed based in Jacksonvile, FL as I worked an 'interim' assignment at St. Vincent's Medical Center. When I came here, I thought I would be gone by Christmas. How things came to be this way is a very long story. The short version is when you make your living consulting, whatever you expect in a particular situation, you can almost rest assured what you encounter will be different. Frequently, that difference is better.

We have been RVing for over 30 years. In those years, we spent on average around 30 nights per year in the RV and traveled around 5,000 miles. Over the past year, I have spent around 225 nights in the trailer and with a couple of short ventures away from the campground, the trailerhas been towed less than 300 miles.

The other thing I have discovered is the difference between a trailer made for full-time use vs. one made for weekend use. The trailer we had before would not have stood up to the continuous use of the past 18 months.

We will soon be making a trip home, rest for a couple of weeks then on the road again for a trip to VA.

Thanks for following our travels. Stay tuned

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