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Monks debating (7)

Sacred sheep

Sheep on Mainstreet

Sheep and girl

Chocolate Banana Crepes for Dessert anyone?

Four Friends at Sera

Large 4 friends

Courtney here, Don's furiously typing away next to me so I thought I'd share a few more of my thoughts...

So far rather than getting templed and monastaried out, I'm actually enjoying each one we visit more and more. Sera, the last one we visited was my favorite thus far. Drinking sweet tea with the chanting monks kinda solidified that one. Plus the debating monks were so fun to watch. Look out, I think next year instead of using consensus building in class we should try debating like the monks...

Oh yeah, and one of the last temples we visited we followed this guy and his sheep into the temple, and all through the temple, the old man was talking (presumably chanting) but it seemed more like he was telling his sheep all about the temple, and the sheep would baah in reponse. It was so great!

Speaking of sheep this morning we we're walking down mainstreet and two sheep were walking along as well, no shepard in sight just two sheep. Awesome photo opt with a little girl!

Today, being our last day in Lhasa I went on a guerrila photo spree trying to be unobtrusive, but get some more pictures of the beautiful people, check out the display in the previous, beautiful people in tibet entry.

Other fun facts, Tibet and China in general for that matter have plenty of ice cream and chocolate. Just in case those of you we're worried about me trying to go a month without either. Brett, our fearless leader has a nose for ice cream, which suits us just fine. Had some pretty good gelato here in lhasa. Plus Belinda brought some chocolate from mongolia that's pretty good, otherwise the snack shops have had plenty of m&ms and dove chocolate.

So far of all the buddhist pictures and symbols I've seen my favorite is the four friends, an elephant, monkey, rabbit (?) and bird all staked together next to a fruit tree the idea is that they all have to work together to plant and harvest the fruit. Very cool, in my book.

Apologies that we didn't have time to upload more photos. Soon. We promise (assuming we can find another good internet connection)!

Love, Courtney

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