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Tuesday morning Today, the Kreckel, Broccolino, Dempsey, Abbott and Fletcher crews ventured out to explore the Truckee River. We were full of excitement and under the impression that this was going to be a relaxing, lazy, float 7 miles down the river. We got 2 rafts, some paddles, and cameras... and jumped in the rafts ready for adventure. The water was so refreshing and clear... the views of the mountains next to us was a sight we've never seen. Almost all of us jumped in and out of the raft to explore and visit the passing rafters! Some, like Grammy, got thrown in by her grandson, and some jumped in for fun. We chose to take in the smell of the pines and fresh water instead of the port-a-potties that were sporadically placed along the way. Kathryn, to no surprise, decided to pee in the beautiful water. Everyone else, shockingly, decided to stop swimming at that time. For 3 hours, we had a wonderful time... Unfortunately, Aunt Joann slipped off and fell into the water during the last rapid. That became a domino effect and we all were then forced to work as a team and help everyone else to safety. It's amazing to see what can happen when family works together to pull through any situation! Our day ended as a miracle. -------- Kelly is stepping in for Linda and saying we are done with that entry! We are all safe and sound! Wednesday was a whole new ballgame. We went to the River Walk and saw the marsh lands and river life around Tahoe. We were able to read and learn how salmon spawn. Then we went to Heavenly and took a gondola ride to the top of the mountain. It was breathtaking! The views of the lake from high in the sky was amazing... we saw a wild coyote roaming below!!! We ended the day with a catamaran ride into the center of Lake Tahoe. The water was amazingly clear and blue! The snow capped mountains all around us made the experience even more unforgettable. After the boat ride, we went back to the place and had a wonderful dinner with the Abbotts and Fletchers. It was a wonderful way to share stories and end our time together in Tahoe as in the morning the Kreckel, Dempsey, and Broccolino crews headed to Yosemite.

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