Wandering Wolverines 2010 travel blog

on the road again - heading for Prince George

a pretty little river

looks like haying time

walking around Vanderhoff Heritage Museum

one of the buildings brought in

think this is a road grader

Coconut Cream Pie anyone?

History of the Building

Home built by local builder/wood worker

awww, how cute is that!

The kitchen was very neat

much attention to detail, from ceilings, to doors . . .

to the floor - everything is done right!

Just had to try some! Maybe coming at noon wasn't a good...

A local reality TV star - life of a cowboy!

another neat little house being updated

I like this old fence

The restaurant . . . lunch smells really good!

Ron's favorite kind of road . . .

Clouds are building up ahead of us

I see mountains - in the rain of course!

more mountains

great wood carving at gas station - Husky of course!

the river right behind our campsite

cabin built in 1913 - moss chinking, wood shake roof on campground...

very well built!

view of the open part of the campground

the manager's car

sign at gate to the river - we got the message!

view from the gate

our camp site . . . about 1/2 of the 50+ sites...

view from our motorhome door

Well, we had a day of not much scenery - just getting into Jasper area, seeing mountains all around again.

We are staying at Beaverview RV Park, ~100 miles before Jasper. This is a very nice park, on a river - but not many skitters at all. There is NO gravel - everything is grass (altho some sites are not too level) - some in the shade & most in the sun. The best part is that they also have excellent internet connections! Wow, 2 nites in a row & once again, it's only $28! The hosts are very nice & helpful & we both really like this park.

We have had 3 days of warm to hot sunshine - w/ a few sprinkles today - it's cooling down very nicely tonite so looks like we will have another good sleeping nite.

We saw a little bear along the road just before getting here - he was having salad for his dinner & didn't pay the least bit of attention to all the traffic zipping by! Outside of that it was a pretty boring drive thru mostly forested rolling hills. There were a few small farms w/cattle & horses - they are cutting a lot of hay - looks like a good harvest.

Stopped in little town of Vanderhoof to tour their little museum park, it's quite small - they are adding bldgs to it. It was just a nice little stretch after mostly riding all day. Two young girls have a restaurant there - it smelled very good! They had the biggest pies I've ever seen & we bought a couple of pieces to eat w/dinner tonight. Ron got a great big slice of coconut cream & I had strawberry/rhubarb - it was the best I've ever had - mmmmmmm! What a special treat! Vanderhoof is the geographic center of BC!

Well, it is raining pretty good now & we even have a little thunder & some strong gusts of wind - just closed everything up & appears we'll go to sleep to the sound of rain on the roof - again! They really need it here tho. & we are pretty protected from too much wind by lots of trees.

Will grab my photos (not too many tonite!!!) & call it an early sign off.

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