Summer 2010 travel blog

At the base of the Lighthouse

A view out the window part way up the tower

Just under the light

A view from the top of the fog horn building

In the light keepers kitchen, in use until 1958

On the pier in search of a benchmark

The benchmark

A view from the pier

Our set up

Sunset Friday

Sunset Friday

Alexus and I are off on another camping adventure, this time just a little over an hour north of us. We are on the shores of Lake Ontario at a state park called Golden Hill. We are within about 100 feet of the lake. It is a beautiful day and we had a nice drive up here. We even stopped at a roadside stand and picked up some tomatoes for Alexus she likes them on her sandwiches. Bonnie and Elizabeth have stayed behind to redo Alexus’s bedroom as a surprise for her birthday.

Alexus gets involved in the menu planning and she planned it last weekend and we made up a shopping list for Grandma. Alexus packed the food so we should be all set.

There is a real light house here and we are heading over for that in a minute. It is a pretty clear day so we will see if we can see across the lake to Toronto, I am pretty sure we will be able to see the lights from there tonight. More later.

We visited the light house only $1 apiece for the guided tour up the tower and through the light keepers house. We enjoyed it, but the heat and humidity were a bit much so its back to the air conditioned coach. We are on a bit of an incline here but it is pretty comfortable. We have a great view and while we already found one geocache we have 3 to go and some more benchmarks to locate.

Alexus grilled cheddar-wurst and chicken nuggets for supper. Then we got some neighbors and were entertained by watching them set up their popup. Must have moved it 4 or 5 times. Then we took a walk and took some nice pictures and found three more benchmarks. Now Alexus wants to watch some TV as the mosquitoes are out. She did not want to do a fire. Sunset was nice tonight cloudy so not too spectacular.

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