I wouldn't want to go around Missouri River falls like this five...

the Missouri River

this canoe scene is at the entrance to the FAMCAMP depicting the...


our setup

at the Lewis & Clark historical site


We were here before, our long time readers know we used Malmstrom AFB FAMCAMP as our staging area to prep for the Alaskan trip in June of 2007. Here we are again, but this time we approached Great Falls from a different highway and enjoyed the drive just as much. We came in from the east on highway 87 not the freeway I-15 as before. It was a nice 222 mile drive from Billings, just had to negotiate two rain downpours. We ate lunch in the little town of Roundup. Though here for two days, we intend to do little but enjoy the weather, maybe golf.

Malmstrom Gateway FAMCAMP sits directly on the trail of the "great portage" engaged by the Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition. They chose to portage all their goods the nine miles across an isthmus of land instead of negotiating 5 large waterfalls, hence, Great Falls!

PLEASE NOTE, this is our 181st stop along our way, it is 3 years, 8 1/2 months that we've been on the road. We've posted 4202 pictures on this BLOG ! ! ! To those who've been traveling with us, thank you. Lets see together what is around the next bend and over the next mountain...

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