entry to the park

Yep, Badlands

sure glad I've got a car

a walk across this land would be very tough


we saw two bull bison that day... that's it no herd, no...

and, of course, these

The one full day we had with our friends, Ron & Rose Larson was filled with a thrilling drive to and through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We rode in comfort in their 1994 (I think) Cadillac the 80+ miles north to the park.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a bull bison, but not many other animals were out to show off to us. We saw many prairie dogs towns. We didn't know that North Dakota has it's own version of the "Badlands". We're impressed. There are three units of this park, North, South and Elk Ranch. The Elk Ranch unit holds the area which was Teddy's home ranch, though no building exists today. We drove around the south unit this day. We're saving the north and Elk Ranch units for another time when we can come back to spend a day in each area. this park has one of the largest petrified wood arreas in the country and extensive paleontological deposits. It is the Little Missouri River that has cut and shaped this land.

When we were done with the circular drive we had lunch at a nearby town and restaurant, then went home.

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