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Plunge Cut. A rectangular block of wood of is cut from the...

Two-man cross cut. This is a mother and son team. Dad also...

Hanger Cut. Walking up the leaner with a running chain saw.

Accuracy Fall. Contestants fell a standing log and try to get it...

Accuracy Fall. Choker Race. Plunge Cut. Wrapper Throw. Two-man Cross Cut. These were some of the events at the 20th annual Logger Day Festival competition at South Fork. It seems appropriate that an area surrounded by millions of acres of forest land would hold such an event even though logging is no longer prevalent in the area. The cash prizes were small but some of the contestants came quite a distance and had been participating for years.

The event was very laid back. As I watched the contestants, I couldn’t help saying “Why aren’t the contestants wearing safety glasses?” “Why aren’t the guys (and gals) operating the chain saws wearing ear plugs?” One event, called the Hanger Cut, had the contestant walk up a “leaner”, a tree stump set at an angle off the ground, while holding a chainsaw that was running. At the top of the leaner, he then had to cut off an end of the stump. Like most of these events, this particular event mimics real life when a cut tree gets caught on top of another tree that is still standing and cannot fall to the ground. Ah, sounds kind of dangerous to me! My mom always told me not to “run with scissors” and here was this guy running with a chainsaw. One local I spoke to reminded me that this was a small town event with little red tape as is often the case with a big city event. (Think lawsuits). Besides the events, there were the usual food vendors and craft booths.

After the logging events ended in the late afternoon, the festivities continued until 10pm with live music. The Logger Day Festival was an interesting event for me since I had never seen something like this before. As an added bonus, the festival was held right next to the RV Park so we could drop in at anytime.

The next day, we took a drive to Creede, a town that sprung up in the late 1800s with the discovery of silver in the nearby mountains and then crashed within 30 years after the price of silver plummeted. It didn’t become a ghost town because it still mined ore and zinc. It is a touristy but attractive town and the starting point for many ATV runs.

It was a fun four days in the South Fork area but we’ve since moved on and are now in Buena Vista for a couple of days. More about our adventures and our impressions of Colorado to follow.

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