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Sunday morning we headed out at 9:00am for a 30 minute drive to the Virginia City & Truckee Railroad Station in Carson City. We were to board the steam engine at 9:30...so after getting lost and having 3 vehicles turn around 5 times...arriving 5 minutes before departure time...we had enough steam to operate the train ourselves! The hour and a half train ride from Carson City to Virginia City was very scenic; passing towns, tunnels, and traveling along narrow cliffs. Once we arrived in Virginia city, all 16 of us squeezed into a 10 passenger golf cart to catch a ride to the top of the mountain where we would find museums, old western town shops, and of course a good brewery. After some ice cream and walking through the town, the kids panned for gold! Dino and Kelly then took their kids to the Ward Schoolhouse Museum where they saw historic classrooms, Mark Twain exhibits, and a mining museum which described the towns mining industry. They also took their kids to Saint Mary's Catholic Church for their Sunday prayers. In the meantime...Grammy, Pop, Jimmy, Kathryn, Logan, and the Abbott/Fletcher gang all went to The Bucket of Blood Brewery and drank, ate popcorn, and watched the lotown folkfolk dance to the tunes of a hillbilly band! Which group do you think had more fun?!?! On the train ride back to Carson City, Kathryn, Logan, Jimmy, Grammy and Pop slept. The rest of us saw a family of wild horses, stagecoach rides through the desert, and huge jack-rabbits! The kids were sitting together talking about the sights, favorite activities and so forth when an old hag turned to them and said, "Would you kids quiet down...you ruiningning my trip!" Aunt Joann and Kelly just about knocked her out until Dino stood up and praised the kids for their wonderful behavior! Monday morning we went down to the pool for fun and relaxation! Dino and Jimmy worked out, Kelly and Kathryn had 90 minute massages, Pop took Dino and Cece to play just 36 holesminiatureture golf and Grammy kept Dominick and Logan from drowning at the pool! Thank God for Grammy and Pop! Later in the day, we took a scenic drive to Emerald Bay. We toured the Lake Tahoe Basin area, Eagle Falls, and hiked down trails to rock landings. Here Grammy prayed for Pop, Dino, and Cece's safety as they pushed the limits...of course! Grammy thinks Pop pushes the limits a lot...so consequently on the way home, she threw her ice cream cone into the open sunroof of the truck which landed right on Pop's shoulder!!! At that point,the ladies with the children drove home in one car; and the boys, fuming, drove in the other! That ends our night!

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