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So here I am ! Arrived last night at about 10pm. Jo and her friend Valerie picked me up from the airport in Valeries car and we drove to Antigua. Got to Jos at about 1050, changed into a different top and by 11 I found myself in a salsa bar drinking cuba libres!! She is a bad influence on me indeed!! Met a few of Jos friends who are all male and Guatemalan and either called Hugo or Jose. It could all get a bit confusing. They also have wandering hands but seeing as I am about 4 inches taller than most I can probably swipe them away with ease! Bars and clubs shut at 1am here due to it being a world heritage site, but there are always after bar parties apparantly, so we went to one but after about 30mins the cops turned up and shut it down!! So a few of us went back to Jos house and had some drinks on her terrace. Very nice indeed!!

Today, I met Jo for lunch (er, Macdonalds...!!) and spent hours on the internet, during which there was a small earthquake! Apparantly they have tremors here all the time so nothing to worry about. Still got loads of photos to put on so watch this space. Jo is trying to make me do Salsa lessons but I am protesting. I cannot think of anything worse! However, since all the socialising here revolves around dancing I may have to attempt it or I will find myself sitting in bars a lot with noone to talk to. Maybe I can teach them the indie shuffle, its much easier! We are off out again tonight as it is 1 year today that Jo arrived here so big celebrations. Adios for now !

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