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View at Kouchigouguac

Lobster statue at Shediac done by the Rotary Club

Marsh pond at our RV park

Such a good beach at the RV park

Off to the beach

Path to the beach

One way to stay cool

There's a jelly fish

We checked into the campground at the Kouchibouguac National Park on the 6th – they were expecting us and got us all relatively close together. The entrance fee upped our nightly camping rate to about $55. Expensive and we wouldn’t be staying in the national parks if it weren’t for the group itinerary. Way out of line and we had only an electrical connection. C.J. started naming all of the amenities that we didn’t have, plus we didn’t have the ocean view. I had been bitten by ants in Shippagan and didn’t see anything of Kouchibouguac. Anything on my feet was so painful, it drove me nuts. I tried everything I could think of to stop the itching. It gradually worked and, by the time we left, the swelling was down, but the itching would start again if I put shoes on my feet. I couldn’t count the number of bites I had on my feet and up to the knees. The mosquitoes got everything above the knees. C.J. and Clark did a bike trip, but we saw little of the park. I’m sure it is beautiful. Camping here was a disappointment, because we were in the middle of the forest and could see nothing for the trees. To see anything required a drive, bike ride or walking quite a distance. It’s probably not a place I would come back to. After leaving Kouchibouguac (with less painful feet), we arrive in Cap-Pele and found a wonderful RV park right on the Shediac Bay. We weren’t exactly close to the water and beach, but were close enough to see the water. The beach was invisible behind dues. The park had a wonderful path through the marshes to get to the beach. After we got set up, on the 8th, several of us walked down to the beach and found the tide was out. This left a huge, flat area and then a lot of shallow water. The place was busy. Most of us decided we’d go to Rotary in nearby Port Elgin. Jim had located the meeting address and directed us all to it. We arrived to find a small community hall in the middle of nowhere, with one lone Rotarian standing outside. It soon became obvious that the meeting had been cancelled. Martin had been out-of-town and hadn’t gotten the word. We talked to him for several minutes and then he invited us all to join him at his farm and we said, “Yes.” We followed him and found he owns a beautiful farm. His wife had a shock, with nine of us arriving, with no notice, but she was very gracious. We sat out in their beautiful garden and visited for another couple of hours. We learned they are transplanted from Germany. On Friday, we went with Sandy and Jim to Shediac to go to the Lobster Festival. We first did some shopping so Jim could make an electrical adapter. We had lunch at a Chinese buffet and then went to check out the festival. It was mostly a carnival, with some events happening in the evening. We decided we didn’t want to hang around for hours, waiting for a lobster eating contest, so went back to the RV park. Happy hour again with more good fellowship. It was so hot, we met in the Reiter’s motor home under the A/C.

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