Year 5-Here we go travel blog

the bridge to the island

looking for the wild ponies

right by the ranger sation

a huge fly on our window

Ponies have the right of way

in our campground

Naomi watches them in our back yard


there is a baby

We think this is Charcoal, Naomi's adopted pony

you REALLY pay to ride off road here

We are staying at the National park area but this program only shows the state park. It was much smaller sites with power & cost..Boy oh boy is it hot but we are making it just fine. We have enough solar to be able to run 2 fans all night and during the day we take the dogs with us and go out driving around the island looking for ponies, the beach, birds, etc in our air-conditioned truck. On the 6th. We went to the visitors center and also a great farm market for fresh fruit and veggies, yummy.. At the visitors center Naomi adopted a wild pony, she chose him from a book of pictures and information. His name is Charcoal; of course she chose the only black pony on the island so we will be hunting to find him. It is a really neat program when you adopt a pony they give you a certificate and a wonderful leather folder with an 8x10 color picture and then they tell you where he usually roams on the island as there are several herds and they each have their area. We woke up every morning to ponies in our campground and in our yard. I made sure we had the cover down on the garden as I figured that was just too much temptation and we made it OK. We think we saw Charcoal in one of the parking lots and then Naomi and Dave went down to the ocean beach and they saw him there to so she was happy. They didn’t do much wading in the ocean as the tide pull was really strong but enjoyed it.We had a great time on the island I am so glad friends of ours from Hondo, Chuck & Rose recommended we stay here. Love, Love, Love it. Next we head to Kent Island and another great Elks lodge for a few nights and another trip into Washington DC.

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