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Well, planning works but only when you allow it to work out. Not planning seems to scare us terribly but willing to take the chance.

We have been in OKC since 1 May and have seen and been really blessed by all the campers/rvers we have met. We have cooked a lot of meals, served a lot of people, registered mega campers and rvers and made reservations for even more! We work more hours than we were promised but that's ok!

We have been able to see Jessica in Waco, we will go see Brad in Conroe and stop in at the KOA in Lake Conroe to see if it looks like somewhere we want to work next winter.

As work campers, finding jobs in the winter that pay are difficult at best to find. So, looking out constantly is key. I have about 4 sites that we are constantly checking.

We thought we found one in Alabama, it was working for listed to work 25 hours each for site only, but they wanted to work us at least 50 hours a week each because they did. It took about a week of lifting each other up and watching each other fall when we really thought about it. It felt like opression and it wasn't a good feeling. It was hard work lots of hours for no pay. Now the site would have been $2200 for the 6 mo. we were there, $366.66 per mo. so we would have been working for $1.83 p/h each to pay for our site ugh!

After a week of thinking on this and really letting it consume us, we were working on breakfast one Sat. morning and decided together, we would turn this down. The relief was amazingly incredible, I can't even explain in words what it was like!

We also had sent my resume' into a church start up in Meridian MS, it was probably my job if I had not stepped out of the race, but I have a few more things I want to do before I settle down in a city and a job.

I loved being a children's minister, I will be going back to it, but there is too much to see and too many people that enjoy this lifestyle too.

So, where are we headed after this? We will go to the Smoky Mtns for Oct and then we had reservations for Gulfport AL KOA along with the possibility of a job workkamping for our site there, it's usually work 10 hours each for site per week and they pay you for over that. But the reviews on this campground aren't great and it will determine where we stay. We will spend about 5 months in the Alabama/Flordia area. I will complete my degree in Pastoral Ministry while we are there. I will need to find a church to do my practicum in.

I am working on a few other things for myself on how to combine families and church together, to be on the same page to grow them together and not separate them.

Next summer, we have already put in resume's for West Yellowstone, Livingston MT and Red Lodge MT and 2 have called or emailed back. We would love to work in Glacier Park but they have not emailed back. All are about 4 hours from my moms and Steven's (oldest son)and can't wait to see my Montana family.

We have family everywhere the wind blows and it will be fun to see everyone along this journey.

So on that journey from South to North, we will be stopping along the way to visit family and friends and go through Mt. Rushmore area too.

It is extremely hot here, about 97 on a daily basis except when it rains or storms. The TV stations stay on the whole day with the weather when it rains or storms, crazy stuff!

We are very comfortable in our rig and really glad we bought what we did.

Missing all our friends at St. Paul's, and our family, so if you are ever in our areas, stop by, say Hello and enjoy the view!

Since we have been here, we got hit with an F-4 Tornado that ripped through this neighborhood, flattened houses, tried to take lives and succeeded in taking only 4. During that week, we got hit with a hail storm the size of golf balls on one side of the city, we also had a major flood within that time frame. People who came chasing the storms, lived here. Some were in insurance, some in roofing, some just lost everything and found a trailer to live in and came. We had so many people in our office, waiting it out, in fact one guy didn't wait around, he HAD to go get gas in his car. He got way more than that, he was plumbeted by hail and debre and his car had 4 windows knocked out of it!

We have had a few other tornadoes around us but have not come this far. Praise God!

So, here we go....

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