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market at irkustk

inside Cathedral Irkustk

A busy day on the train

Wednesday 2nd June 2010 - This evening we leave Irkustk and began our longest of the train journeys - we will be 3 days and 3 nights on the train - no showers - toilets basic and always moving - all part of the adventure – this is now the Trans Siberian - Train No. 1 - sharing carriage No. 10 with Bernadette, Lloyd and Marj. berths 13/14/15/16 - 2 toilets, tv (may/or not work). We thought somehow we were going to be able to have a shower but sadly 'neit' Still trees and more trees, but quite green and main highway to our right - it is 10pm and still daylight, so many villages with little plots of land. Vehicles give way to pedestrian in Irkustk. We are now passing acres and acres of tilled ground - all so different to what I imagined. Crossed lovely wide river, flowing - what a great place to see in winter.

Next morning - Thursday found us in Siberia, so many trees, Birch and Larch, so dense, so comfortable in the train (although very hard seats) - grey sky today. Lots of houses in villages - saw first tractor tilling the ground - soil looks beautifully rich - beautiful streams. Houses only have land used for vegetable gardens, no gardens for beautification - passed Krasnaisk Enisey - greatest river flowing into Artic Sea - bought dumplings at station vendor - very oily - 5 for 70 roubles. After this station the first of the wild flowers appeared. We stopped at 5.30pm at Mariinsk - had to walk across rail line to shop - then extremely long freight train cut off access to the train - thankfully I was on the train side. Back on the train I had Deb for supper - yum. Most of the houses look the same - very sharp point to roof and small windows with same ornate framing around windows - most houses very small. Still water lying around.

Friday morning 4th June 2010 saw rain and breakfast of sardines on dry bread. I seem to have forgotten about melted cheese on toast. Have only eaten meat once whilst away (aside from the bit of meat in dumplings). No photos today - too much rain on the train windows - crops are sown, maybe grass or grain - miles and miles of it. Freight trains very prevalent here, open trucks, cylindrical containers. 10.00 am we were at Ishim, 12.30 sees us coming into Tiumen. Got off train and took a few photos in the rain - not cold - back on the train and for a change had noodles for lunch. Some houses in this area are newer. When the river comes along that is the end of Siberia and 2116k to Mockba (Moscow). Slowly getting rid of the food - only 1 dinner, breakfast and lunch left. What a preoccupation with food.

Only 1 more week and the tour has finished. Open freight trains seems to carry wood and coal - very misty here. 6.30pm at Sverdlovsk station - 34k to the border Europe and Russia. When we got to the border oblisk unfortunately a freight train went past and we didn't see the actual Europe/Russian border. Feels as if we have been climbing for some time and presume it is the Ural Mountains. We are at Perm station at 10pm.

Saturday monring 5th June 2010 and we arrived in Valdamir in the morning - met by minibus and transported to the Russian town of Suzdal.

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