The Kimberley Koios' 2010 travel blog

Erica's baby Eric

Eric with Grandma

Rowena's youngest Lehm

Lehm, Rowena, Ang and Jacqui

Rowena's eldest

Jacqui with nephew


Jacqui's youngest with her cousin

Clinty Isaac

'Little' Aaron and his son

Jacqui in shooting comp

Shona, daughter and Mum

Team photo

Coach pumps em up!

Ardyloon in action!


Erica - hasn

Josh shooting in a game break


Great game - tough semi and fight back in the final to win the tournament - Well done girls! Met a few more OAP mob, like Shona and her Mum, and saw Erica who I hadn't recognised yesterday - she looks just the same but is now a Mum to 2 boys including a new little one. Also saw Wesley.

Josh and Joel had fun - Joel played around with his soccer ball with the kids, and Josh had heaps of shots at goal in the game breaks.

There was a three point shot comp and an amazing slam dunk comp. I can't believe basketball scouts don't come up here with big chequebooks - this Kimberley mob can fly!

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