Our Out West Adventure 2010 travel blog

Look how clear!

The first kyaking crew

The first paddle boat crew

The second kyaking crew

The second paddle boat crew

Some of our crew at the beach

Just a little luggage

Comfy sleep in the crib

Ahhh! We arrived safely and all in one piece. Other than watching Kathryn hit 4 people in the head carrying Logan's car seat down the isle of the airplane (of course...she was the last one on the plane) and some turbulence during the last hour; it was a safe flight. Although, the steward thought anyone who sits in front of Logan on future flights should pay a premium for the head and neck massages. He also asked when our return flight would be so he would be sure to call in sick that day!?!? The perk was that when at the airport, the air condition was pumping and Kelly's tank top was thin so we ended up with Toyota Sequoias rather than the reserved Taurus' ...for the same price! So the caravan began and we traveled 30 minutes to Carson City for a nice lunch, then to Costco (where the first fight between Grammy and Pop was spurred), then to Safeway, then to the liquor store....and finally to The Ridge in Lake Tahoe. At this point, Jimmy and Dino were ready to head back to the airport, but instead, they dutifully made 100 trips from the car to the room with all the luggage and the $700 worth of "necessities"! Once we arrived, our greeting committee, the Abbotts and Fletchers, were there with drinks in hand to calm us all down. The drinks smoothed everything over and the views didn't hurt either~ absolutely gorgeous ~ until Logan decided to jump into the deep end of the pool! While Jimmy was taking his phone out of his pocket and putting his drink down with every intention of jumping in to save his son, Dino Michael swam across the pool and pulled Logan to safety. The next morning, Dom woke Kelly up at 5:30am to play with her hair and Kathryn's back hurt from sleeping with Logan in his pack-and-play (not her choice). After 3 cups of coffee for them...we all headed to the pool and to wander the grounds. There are no words to describe the breathtaking views. Later in the day, we headed to the lake for boating and beach fun. Although Grammy and Pop have been here before... they did not mention the 3 mile hike from the parking lot- located on top of the mountain- down to the beachfront. It was well worth the journey to watch Kathryn climb into the kayak from the water...now we know why Grace is not her name! The water was crystal clear and snow top mountains were all around us - pretty cool! At the end of the day, tired, thirsty, hungry and worn out from boating... we had to hike back up the 3 mile climb to our car!?!?! What???? Talk about a fun car ride home!

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