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Upper and Kettle Falls

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We are up early and headed back north to Grand Portage for our trip to Isle Royale National Park. John watches the wind and is doubtful the trip will go. He is right. The captain gives us the bad news. The trip is cancelled. You do not want to be on Lake Superior in bad weather. We reschedule for tomorrow.

Our trip back to Grand Marais becomes “loop” day. We take every road that heads closer to Lake Superior even if for a short time. Mostly, we find homes that may be year-round but are probably summer or winter homes.

We see a sign for Judge C. R. Magney State Park. We have our state park sticker. Let’s go check it out.

The park has a hike to the Upper and Kettle Falls. It is one-mile there and one-mile back. We decide to try it. Not far along, I have my doubts. It is uphill. We climb higher and higher away from the river. We get to an overlook where we view the falls from up high. Is this it?

The trail continues. Two people are returning noticeably out of breath. They explain that there are stairs up ahead that lead DOWN to the falls. We check it out. No way am I walking down those stairs. I would probably have a heart attack climbing back up.

We take our time walking back. At least we are now walking downhill. We stop to talk to a man with an Alaska shirt. We swap Alaska stories.

Back in Grand Marais, we check out the town. We find the walleye that one of the workers on the Isle Royale excursion boat helped to make. Grand Marais is a great town if you like checking out gift shops and restaurants. It is not really our thing so we head to Artists’ Point on the other side of the bay from our campground.

At Artists’ Point, I take more pictures of waves crashing against the rocks. It is a relaxing way to end the day. I hope that tomorrow the boat cruise sails.

Route: MN 61

Campground: Grand Marais Recreation Area

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