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Macau is an island about an hour ferry ride from Hong Kong. It predates Hong Kong by 200 years and was the first European settlement in China when Portuguese traders and Jesuit priests arrived in the 1500s. It was under Portuguese rule until 1999 when it was handed back to China.

Macau, like Hong Kong, was given a "grace period" of 50 years when it was handed over to the Chinese, to operate relatively independently. So you have to go through immigration upon arrive in Macau and again when you re-enter Hong Kong. However, they have it so streamlined, you hardly notice it.

For better or worse, Macau and the adjacent island of Taipa are fast becoming the “Las Vegas of the East”. Everything you see in Las Vegas is going to be even bigger and better in Macau and Taipa!

Although you can arrange a tour of Macau and Taipa when you arrive at the ferry terminal, we decided to take one of the many complimentary hotel buses to the beautiful MGM hotel and try to arrange a private tour from there where the staff was exceptionally helpful in doing so.

Fortunately, we were able to arrange for a half day private limo tour of Old Macau and Taipa with a wonderful tour guide, Raymond Crisostomo.

Macau, much like Barcelona, has its own examples of unique modern architecture.

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