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Beach time!

Taking in the rays with my leading lady

No bad days

Helma crossing

Team Relaxation

Rocking my favorite board shorts

Walking to the spa

Profile picture test shot

Dinner at the Sea Side Grill

Flamingos in the courtyard

Tree picture

My turn

We woke up late this morning and thanks to the weather from the past couple days, all of my clothes were pretty much unwearable. When I learned that laundry was not part of the all inclusive package, I decided to load up the bathtub with water and body wash and go old school on the clothes cleaning. I must have put about 2 detergent caps worth of body wash into the water and by the end the manual agitate cycle compliments of my massive hands, the water had a not so appealing gray/brown tint. Lovely, I know. After a thorough rinse, I was satisfied with my work and hung everything outside. Clearly I had earned a hearty meal and so Helma and I headed out to the wondrous World Café.

The rest of the day was very similar to the one before. Eating like a king, bathing in sunscreen, laying out by the pool and beach until sun stroke set it, and loving every minute of it. After lunch we cleaned up a bit and checked out the shops. For me it was just a countdown to the massages we had booked for the late afternoon. Unsuccessful in finding in trinkets or gifts that caught our eyes, we headed to the spa for our deep relaxing massages.

Now this place was awesome. When you walked in, the cool air smelled of cinnamon and mint and there was a waiting area with cucumber and mint flavored water towers. I tried the mint and was not disappointed. Then a couple staff members came out and led us to the changing rooms where we threw on robes and sandals. The area where we waited after changing has a sauna, jaccuzzi, and cold plunge and was so elegantly decorated that I felt like I should have brushed my hair before I came. Minutes later our masseuses came to fetch us and walk us outside to the massage room. We crossed a stained wooden bridge that hovered over a beautiful coy pond and was situated in a perfectly tended to mini Zen garden. Stepping inside the massage area, Helma and I were already feeling the relaxation of the experience. Then we were commanded to take off our robes while our onlookers stood quietly waiting. Since I don’t usually get naked in front of other women save my girlfriend, I was a little hesitant. Apparently they could read a similar sentiment on Helma’s face as well, and after an awkward silence where no disrobing took place, the two masseuses gracefully stepped outside for a moment while we each got under the sheets.

Then the real fun began. These people were pretty damn good - generous with the oils and not afraid to tend to just about every inch of your body. To start, the lady was all up in my hair, giving me a scalp and neck massage that turned me into mush. She then went to my back, arms, legs, feet, toes, hands and finished it up with some shiatsu pounding. I followed her instructions to turn over and then it all began again. I have never had such a thorough massage before and it was truly an deep, relaxing experience. When all my cares had melted away and my body was tingling from head to toe, the two women left the room and Helma and I were left to marvel at what had just happened. We suited up and then were led back across the bridge by the arm as if we were small children who were about to see time out. We showered off in our respective rooms and then exited back into the hot Caribbean air.

Immediately, we walked into a table with a Dominican jewelry vendor. I tried to tell this guy in Spanish that he was dealing with a pro, but before he could really appreciate it, Helma was telling this guy what was what. She knew the prices per carat of the stuff he was peddling and was not having any of his bullsh*t. We tried a couple other tables, but after not finding a ring that called Helma’s name, we headed back to the room for dinner.

The Sea Side grill was the setting for our final meal of the day and the ambiance and food were quite enjoyable. The duet between the calm wind and the crashing waves put us at ease and we talked and ate until our hearts were content. We had one more go at the bar in the main lobby for some drinks and bachata and then called it a night.

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