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The bookie's place.


Sandi! Mom! Check it out!

Kind of cool - this is a statue downtown Alloa.

Thistle Pub!



The boys and I and Roy

The four of us!

The boys and their Great Gran, Pop's mom (can you tell?)

A crazy cool sunset - not a great shot, but we were...



Well today we had a nice relaxing down day. We watched the golf from the comfort of a warm couch. We made our family British Open pool, went downtown to the bookie and made our bets (took pictures....), did a little tour of Alloa and Sauchie and tried to figure out the lay of the land. Last night we were up late playing cards and drinking, so today was a nice quiet day.

In the afternoon we opted to take the boys swimming at the local pool. They had a big inflatable "Wipeout" kind of obstacle course in the middle of it that the kids loved. It was a great way to burn off some of their excess energy. Me, after yesterday I'm exhausted!!

Went to the grocery store to check out what kind of stuff they have here. Here's a quiz for you - what am I describing below?

Roasted chicken

Prawn cocktail

Cheese and onion

Steak and onion

Steak and cheese

Salt and pepper


Smoky bacon

Bacon and gravy

Pickled onion


The answer will come in a later blog. Any guesses?

But, I have to say, wine is cheap here - but they have no Canadian wines at all. You can get a bottle of Italian chardonnay for 3 pounds - which is about $5. So I stocked up for the stay :) Sandi/Mom - I found 16 Strongbow for 9 pounds!

So Jeff's planning on going back to the Open tomorrow (it's supposed to be rainy again) and then we'll all go Saturday again (supposed to be nicer). The boys and I are heading to Glasgow with Liz to check out the Glasgow Science centre. Should be fun!!

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