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Finally it was time for my special lady friend to arrive from Alaska and shower me with some much needed TLC. After watching Alberto and company fill the family’s inflatable swimming pool with the help of a huge water tanker that apparently makes house calls, we were off to pick up Helma. Her flight, like so many into the craptial, was late. Alberto, having never met Helma, kept busy by shouting “Helma!” at any attractive woman that walked by, sometimes even at including grandmothers and men when he was feeling saucy.

Then, in slow motion, Helma finally made her way down the long corridor of arriving passengers and met up with me and the boys. The adventure was just beginning as the next part of our journey was a 3 hour car ride to Punta Cana. Punta Cana was apparently the better looking part of the island by many people’s standards but that was mainly due to the fact that it was home to all the high end resorts. Tired but excited, we piled in the car and drove as if our lives were not at stake. But they were. For the better part of the ride I just closed my eyes and pretended I was on the Scrambler ride at 6 Flags, waking only to the sharp pains of Helma’s nails digging into my arm to signal danger. Just as the numbness in my butt began to take over my entire back, we pulled up to the Dreams Punta Cana resort. I gave Alberto 75 bucks for gas since they had to go the three hours back and Helma kicked in $100 to our driver (whose name or family position I never quite pinned down). Physically exhausted and financially tapped, we checked in and began our vacation.

First order of business, well . . . let’s start with the second order of business - food. Out of the 6 restaurants the massive campus had to offer, we chose Mexican. As we sat, I struggled to wrap my mind around the fact that I could order multiple entrees, drinks till I couldn’t see straight and room service if hunger struck again – all for free. The guy at the front assured us that the only cost would be a fat belly and that was a price I could easily handle. We got in the spirit of being two happy vacationers by throwing on the large sombreros that adorned the shelves next to our table. We may have gotten some, “f*ckin’ Americans” looks from the wait staff, but we could not have cared less. The meal was solid and so were the two shots of Drambuie I got on the way out. Giddy up.

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