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Our first stop was in Hope for a quick visit to the tourist info office and to fill up with gas.

We had a quick look at the old Kettle Valley Railroad right of way as we drove around Hope. The plan had been to go explore the Quintette Tunnels (KVR Othello tunnels) but, in the interest of time and because Hope had greeted us with a downpour that showed promise of continuing, we decided just to press on.

Leaving Hope, we headed along the Crowsnest Highway (Hwy 3) to Manning Park Lodge. We made a quick stop here, freezing in our shorts and T-shirts as we ran from the Jeep to the Lodge and then back. We had dressed, overly optimistically, for the weather of the previous week, which had been blown away by the front coming down from the north.

The rest of the drive, through Princeton and Hedley was uneventful, with great scenery along the way. Until we reached Bromley Rock that is.

Just before Bromley Rock Provincial Park, a semi passed the other way, flashing his lights. Around the next bend, traffic was stopped. As we finally managed to get past, we saw a car down the bank over the Bromley Park parking lot. It looked like the driver had pulled onto the shoulder so everyone could have a look at the rock and, since the shoulder is soft and very narrow, slid sideways halfway down the hill. There is no cell reception in that area and the people who had stopped to help had flagged down a semi in the hopes that he had a radio and could call for help.

Before reaching Hedley, we came across the "West Hedley Mall". It turned out to be a small house, loaded with stuff for sale. Wonder if they have a water slide.

We finally reached Penticton and were greeted by Barb and Tod. After a trip to the liquor store to pick up the beer for which we had neglected to stop earlier, we were able to enjoy a good meal and laugh about the less than smooth start to our trip.

However, fate wasn't finished with us. Instead of the scorching heat we had been expecting, it was cold and raining off and on. "Where are the jackets?" "I don't know; they were on the back of the couch, did you pack them?" "I don't remember doing so." "Neither do I."

We looked in through the door of the trailer and didn't see them. I locked up the trailer and we went to bed, resolving to buy jackets at Walmart the next day.

And, of course, remember the air conditioner? Well it remained in the Jeep because, by the end of the evening, we were freezing rather than suffering from the heatstroke we had been expecting.

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