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Sierra Grande

View of Lake Trinidad from our campsite

Our reverse campsite.

I had the song “ Amarillo By morning” by Glen Campbell going through my head while we were leaving Amarillo. Rush hour in Amarillo was a whole lot less than normal traffic in Waldorf any day of the week! We went west on I-40 for 2 exits, then north on Rt. 287 for 40 miles to Dumas, then west on Rt. 87 into New Mexico and north on I-25 into Colorado, a total of 246 miles. When we left Amarillo, the humidity was hanging in the air. As we traveled north through sage brush land in Texas, the skies started to clear. In this area, all you would be able to do with the land is raise cattle and windmills due to the rough land and the numerous ravines. To head west on 87, we literally made a left turn into farm land. It was interesting how fast the land changed. Now we saw corn, wheat, and soybean fields. We were also going up, slowly, in altitude. Every few miles there was a picnic area, we stopped at one and changed drivers, walked the dogs and had a potty break. Once we crossed into New Mexico, we changed to the Mountain Time zone. There was no information center, so we continued on, finally stopping at an actual rest area. Across the road was an extinct volcano, called Sierra Grande.

It was over 8,000 feet in altitude, but did not look like it was all that high. Of course we quickly realized it was because we had gone up so much in altitude, but so gradually that it had not been noticeable. We stopped for lunch in Raton NM at the information center. We went inside and picked up brochures and maps. We drove north into Colorado with our destination being Lake Trinidad State Park. Trinidad is the first town in Colorado, and is a cute little town. The state park is only 3 miles out of town, so once we set up camp, we headed into Trinidad to pick up our mail. Everyone is always curious as to how we get our mail. So far we have had the mail forwarded from the mail forwarding center in Sioux Falls SD to Bob’s brother Joe in Atchison KS and Dick Albritton in LA. This was our first time having the mail sent via “general delivery” to a post office. We have been told, have the mail sent to a small post office, which is what we did. We walked into the Trinidad Post Office, a big building which must have been built in the 30’s. Walked right up to the window, we explained to the postal employee that we had a package addressed to general delivery, gave him our names, he went and retrieved the box, checked our ID and we were out the door in less than 3 minutes. I love it when a plan comes together! Next on our agenda was grocery shopping then back to the RV. The sun was shining, it was 72 degrees and we are in a little piece of heaven on earth! Our large campsite is lakefront with a million dollar view.

We even have a nice flat tent pad behind the motor home, which is where we put the recliners and relaxed. Now, the bad part of the campsite/campground. The park had recently been remodeled by someone who has never done any RV’ing. Our site was listed as 50 ft long. Well, yes it was, but the area to park the RV was about 36 feet. We have a 40 ft. motor home. The only way for us to park in the spot was to back in with our tires up against the concrete barrier. This left us with the wrong side of the RV facing the picnic table and fire ring. We could not drive into the site, as our wheelbase is shorter in the front. We made do, as there was no changing sites.

After dinner we had our first campfire. So far it has been too hot for a campfire, but it was just right this evening. We have the air off, the windows open and the area is quiet, so we anticipate a good night’s sleep.

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