Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore Summer 2010 travel blog

Today is moving day. We had a wonderful drive to Devils Tower Wyoming. We departed the campground just after nine this morning. An easy drive out of the Black Hills into Rapid City then on to the interstate heading west. We are on our way back home well at least in that direction. The landscape was much the same as we have seen before in this part of Wyoming and South Dakota. By this I mean the hay fields fill the flat land and pine trees scattered in the hillsides. We soon passed through Sturgis, where hundreds of motorcycles gather each year in August. Soon we were in Wyoming and at the Sundance exit where once more we left the Interstate on our way to Devils Tower. The two lane road took us through some farmlands and hills until the view of Devils Tower was in front of us. We were still some miles away but all I could think about is Richard Dreyfuss playing with his mashed potatoes with the vision of this mountain in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. As the mountain got bigger we were soon turning into the KOA campground. We checked in, found our campsite, and soon were setup.

After lunch we decided to take a drive into the park with Heidi. The entrance gate is just a few feet from the campground. We flashed our annual pass and we were heading down the road to the visitors center. The Three mile drive took us by some grassland filled with prairie dogs and a few deer here and there. Because we had Heidi we could not go many places as dogs are not allowed in buildings or on most trails. Since we were located at the base of the tower the view was awesome. After returning back to the trailer we took it easy and then walked the campground with Heidi.

Tomorrow we will leave Heidi in the trailer and we will head back into the park. We can spend more time at the visitor’s center and take a hike around the base of the tower. During the mile and half walk we will be able to see all sides of the tower and take lots of pictures.

I have posted more pictures on the web.

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