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This morning I woke up to the smell of coffee and came out of the bedroom to see John settled in his Norwegian Stressless chair with a cup of coffee, reading news on the computer and a cat on his lap. Thought to myself that yes, we're starting to settle in! We've de cluttered and organized, decluttered and organized, but there is always more to do on that. Everything has to be in it's place in a 30 foot travel trailer, or it can feel claustrophobic!

Our excitement yesterday was at dinner time when I was making BLT's. It's very hot now in Kansas now, and the air conditioner is on almost constantly. The air was humming, the microwave cooking and the toaster toasting and suddenly bam....silence. John looked at the fuses (located under the frig) but nothing seemed to be wrong. He turned on the overhead lights and they still were working. What to do? We gave a quick call to the folks at good Nationwide and they immediately identified the problem: the circuit breaker tripped out at the site. The lights still worked because they are battery powered. All good things to know.

We are learning things every day!

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