Piggy's Cove, someone has a great sense of humor :D

A very foggy view of the cove

A beautiful old church

A cool home with a roof that looks like snow

Another view

A great place to sit and relax

Dog swimming in the water with his big stick

Lighthouse near Prospect

Dog swimming and lighthouse

Dog out of water with stick

Boats in the bay


Foggy view of the bay

Jerry waiting on me to take pictures :D

Last one!

Today we visited the little village of Prospect, Nova Scotia. The village is about twenty miles from Peggy's Cove, on the western shore of the Chebucto Peninsula. It was founded by Irish and English fishermen in the 1750s.

We got really tickled when we saw the Piggy's Cove sign with the three pink pigs. Someone has a great sense of humor to compare this area to Peggy's Cove. :D We were shocked to see a lady walking her dog, she tossed a huge stick into the water and he went for it. That water is so cold! We see people swimming and have no idea how they can take it. It is freezing cold to us.

We are really enjoying our time in the area. We will be staying until Vickie and Sammy arrive from Kentucky on the 19th. We are looking forward to seeing them and showing them this beautiful area. Afterwards, we will be heading on to Prince Edward Island. More later from Canada.

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