Our Trip Home for the Wedding travel blog

Yesterday we arrived at David & Phyllis' around suppertime. We were tired and it was so nice to be able to sit back and relax for the evening with good company, a hot shower and a bed inside the house. They took us out for supper and we had our first catfish meal. It was great! And we had hushpuppies too. They were also yummy!!

This morning we left Whitesboro and headed for home. Let's just say that we are so close to home that we just wanted to be there! To relax! To not have to drive a single day more!

When we got home, Dani & Zac were here waiting for us. We didn't even bother to unload the camper. It would be there for us another day. I got my swimsuit on almost immediately and hung out with Zac in the pool. We ordered supper...MEXICAN...yum!! Then the 4 of us spent the evening gabbing, having a few drinks and relaxing.

Dani & Zac are spending their first night in their new apartment. Rhonda is gone to bed. I'm relaxing on the couch. Tomorrow we'll do nothing. It's going to be great!

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