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Awoke to an unfamiliar sound this morning…..rain. It is 7 am and I have been up for awhile, showered and am now sitting on the covered deck at the Auld Farm enjoying the cool air. We have been very lucky not to have had rain yet and this is actually a welcome relief from the heat.

Today is our day to go to see the Fortress at Louisbourg, a place that we studied about in school. It is one of the “must dos” on our trip. They suggest you spend 3-4 hours in the fortress so we have moved tonight’s B&B to Port Hawkesbury at the MacKenzie House, so our trip to Halifax won’t be so long tomorrow. The rain is letting up and I hear Dianne stirring so will get back later.

When we set out this morning the rain had subsided but the forecast for Louisbourg was heavy rain and maybe even a thunderstorm! We weren’t on the road long before the heavens opened up again. At times it was so hard the wipers could barely cope. It took us over 2 hours to get to Louisbourg but the rain had subsided when we checked in. Armed with rain gear and umbrellas we started our trip back in time. We have been in many forts over the years but this one was very different. It was huge! The period actors/actresses were very good. We took a guided tour to refresh the history then took a break to have lunch in one of the eateries. We went into one that was used for the poorer folks in the fortress. We had a bowl of pea soup in a pewter bowl and a meat and vegetable pie in a pewter dish and we were given 1 pewter spoon. This was all we were given to eat with and when I pushed the spoon into the pie, the spoon bent! We managed to get through the meal and it was delicious.

We then spent the next 3 hours poking around the old buildings, sometimes dodging the rain.

We left the fortress at 4:30 to drive to Port Hawesbury, a 2 hour drive. I must say we are getting tired of driving. We’ve put on over 2800 km in the 12 days and that was with 3 days on PEI where distances are miniscule. We were glad to crash tonight at the B&B and hopefully find out who won the world cup.

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