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Yesterday we decided to spend day number 2 in the Mount Rushmore area. We were tired, but we managed to do some shopping in the little town of Keystone. It's very much like Banff and I love all of the quaint little shops and stores. They are filled to the brim with touristy and eclectic...and sometimes very tacky, stuff to appeal to every audience. I think the only thing we actually ended up buying was a ceramic bird. For those who don't know, I collect birds and they are placed all over in our house. I love the whimsical ones.

After shopping, we went to the Rushmore Cave for a tour. It was great! There were some very small spaces that we had to walk through and we climbed over 450 stairs within an hour or so. Our tourguide had a cheesy sense of humor, but he did have some funny jokes.

After the Cave tour we booked our train ride for the evening and then headed into Rapid City for a late lunch. After lunch we went back to the camper for a while and then headed back into Keystone to take the evening train ride. It was great! We rode for an hour on an old 1880, open air train, got off for a quick stop in the next town and then got back on for the ride bacck into Keystone. Along our way, we seen a skiff of snow that wasn't there the first time we passed. And it was cold. Thankfully we brought a blanket to cover our legs or I wouldn't have enjoyed it that much. The sight seeing was great, we weren't going too fast, we seen tons of deer, some wild turkeys and the whole trip took about 3 hours. It was well worth it for our first train ride and for the $22 pp we spent. It was a great way to spend the evening.

This morning, we leave and are going to try and drive as far as possible. We'll likely park for cheap...or shall I say free, in a Wal-Mart parking lot somewhere. No need for a campsite as we'll only be sleeping and then hitting the road early in the morning on Friday.

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