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Cabot Trail East side

Cabot Trail west side

Relaxing at Auld Farm Inn

Our day started with a filling breakfast and good conversation at the Highland Heart B&B in Antigonish. Before we left town we made a stop at a shop where Dianne had seen some sandpipers that she wanted to take home. We left town at 10 am and drove to Baddeck, arriving at the info center at noon. The drive over was quite scenic. Our plan was to head to the beach for a day of rest today but the lady at the info center told us rain was predicted for tomorrow and if we were planning to drive th Cabot Trail, today should be the day. Well, we stocked up on fluids as the temperature hit 32 again and headed off in a counter-clockwise direction around the trail. The lady told us we would be back at supper time, depending on how many stops we would make. Another full day driving was not what I was looking forward to but it made sense if we were going to see anything.

The drive around the trail was spectacular at times, especially on the west coastal area and we did stop many times to take pictures so it wasn’t all driving thankfully. Parts of the road reminded us of the scenery both on the Hana drive in Maui and also the drive to Tofino, except higher…much higher. There were many spots where the road rose up to great heights in the course of a mile or so and then dropped again just as quickly.

We arrived back in Baddeck predictably at 6:30pm and had a nice meal at the Yellow Cello as we sat on their deck and looked out over the harbour.

Our B&B is called the Auld farm Inn just a few Km outside of Baddeck. It is owned by a couple from Scotland who decided to escape life in Scotland and came over here and bought this B&B about 2 years ago. That seems to be a theme. It is lovely here. In fact, tomorrow our only plan is to take the sailing ship out of Baddeck on a 2 hour sail. After that we will return to the Auld Farm and sit on the deck and read in the breeze.

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