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cool pic high above Vernezza Italy



17 May, 9:27pm here in Cique Terre

Wow, Cinque Terre, in the norther part of Italy was magnificant !

Cinque Terre mean Five Lands, they are nestled into the mountain sides and meet the sea at the same time. We hiked all 5 of them, 3 yesterday and the last two today... total of about 12kms, up and down treturous ( spelling ? ) mountain sides...

I tried to upload 10 photo's, but somehow the internet trasfer was interupted, so don't know exactly how many were in fact uploaded !

We are off and running tomorrow, not sure how and if there are going to be any internet cafe's around, so... take care until next time !

M & J xo

just checked, and there are only 5 pictures... damn, hate that when that happens...

the first pic is of our hotel here in Cinque Terre, if you are wondering... and the

captions I wrote to describe them were not adhered either... :-(

just added 3 more, don't know how I did that !

goodnight for now xoxoxox

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