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Hey Guys and Galls

Well its that time again when I suddenly realise I havn't written to you all for a while.

Ok the update is as follows..... I am back working at the cattle station and in the middle of the American childrens season and so far it is all going ok. I have another 6 weeks here in Australia then on the 10th sept I am flying to New zealand to start some new adventures. I will be very sad to leave but am very excited to be going onto something new.

I will go back for a few moments as you may remember my parents were coming out to see me for the whole of march. We had the best time ever. It was so good to see them. The only thing to spoil the trip was the weather. It rained nearly every day, Our sailing trip in the whitsunday Islands was canceled due to a Cyclone, we got rear ended in our car near Townsville and spent a lot of time in our hotel room in Cairns. But as I kept telling Mum "At least it is warm rain". There are no pics up of the trip cause frankly there are too many of them.

The pics you can see here are just a few I have had done recently. I won a photo shoot in a competition and thought it would be fun and im quite happy with the results. It makes a change from me wearing my usual farm gear. Nobody recognised me. Makeup artists are wonderful people.

Anyway got to run as work is calling but will try and be better at writting in the future.

Hope All is well

Love to everyone


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