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I love this vineyard

Isn't this cool

Look at these grapes already

Heather... What an awesome smell... Ah choo!

The Tea Cup

When was the last time you saw diesel for this price?

Neat town

We just had to go in this store... It is only open...

Love the windows

Mount Adam

Columbia River Park



My Great Nephew Derrick

Nephew Dale with son Chad. We haven't seen Chad since he was...

Dale, Bonnie. Derrick and Chad

Justin and his beautiful bride

Yakima's Valley

These are Hops growing for the many brewery's here

Another river... I think this one is the Naches

I love to go to vineyards… Not ,wine tasting rooms but vineyards… Not that I don’t like to taste wine but there is nothing so beautiful as going to an actual place where the grapes are growing in the vines and the surrounding area is all flowers, picnic tables and just a beautiful landscape… I talked my Brother into taking us to the Yakima Valley to a few of the 160 wineries within a one hour drive from his place… It was really a beautiful day and driving through the desert and enjoying all the fruit trees, wheat and grapes along the way… At one place we pulled into a National Historic Landmark called the Tea Cup something…. It turned out to be a gas station but the store was inside a tea cup…. It used to be to oldest working gas station in the USA… Well it wasn’t working anymore and the National Historic had removed most of their signs and the place was pretty run down but I could just imagine what it was like not that many years back… If it were mine, I would make it into a coffee shop but if it is still part of the National Historic system. That can’t happen.

We went into the town of Toppenish which is historic for the Murrells on so many of the buildings… What a neat town… We gals shopped while the guys found an ice cream store.. Nothing new about that though….

The next day we had a lot of things to get done at home and had to go to get prescriptions’ filled and didn’t get to Daryl and Sam’s until about 11:00... We then all hopped back in their car and went to the Columbia Mall… I was very successful in the things I found there and the guys found another ice cream store so all was not bad… I managed to get a pedicure found my favorite clothing store Christopher and Banks… The only thing I didn’t like was having to pay tax on my clothes…. I am spoiled because Minnesota does not have tax on clothing and CB started in Minnesota way back in the 70’s… I have been shopping there ever since… At that time the name of the store was Braun’s … I think it had one more name before becoming Christopher and Banks but thru all, they have my favorite style clothing…

Daryl took us home along the Columbia River and right into Columbia Park… What a nice place!… It follows the river for quite a long time and is really beautiful.. The place that we pulled over to put our feet in the water was at the Veterans Memorial…. I am impressed.. This is where they had the fireworks on the 4th and am sorry that we missed them…

We got back to Daryl and Sam’s just before another of their Son’s came over to see us… Dale is the youngest of Daryl’s three children and is married to Bonnie… They have two boys of their own and Bonnie had one young son, Justin, when they got married… Well that young son that we have not seen for fourteen years got married 10 days ago and we were able to meet his beautiful bride. What a delight…

It was Jan’s turn to make dinner that night and since Sam and her kids had never tasted tuna casserole, it was a must that she show Sam how our Mom used to make it… Everyone loved it and with the dessert Justin’s wife brought of banana egg rolls that were still warm and served with ice cream, we all over ate again…

Early this morning, Daryl and Sam brought Janet over to our place and we said our good-byes to my Brother and his darling Wife, Sam… It gets harder and harder to say good-bye to family at the age we are now…. Hopefully we will all be at a family reunion that we all hope to have soon…

Bill and I were all hooked up and ready to roll so we added Jan’s suitcase to the house and everyone watched as we pushed the button to retract the awning and then pushed more buttons to pull in the slides… Non RV’ers always are fascinated when they see this and what we have to do to get ready to hit the road…..

We had an awesome drive the next 200 miles to our next destination but that will have to wait until the next time…. Later…

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