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Boy, way out of date here. After my last entry decided after much agonizing to forgo an inexpensive trip to G-Land, a surf resort near Bali, for the little visited and rather untamed island of Sumba, some 400 miles SE of Bali. After aot of hassle arranging a flight and booking at Mr Davids surf resort, some where on the south coast of Sumba, II left my uneeded gear with the kind and helpfull Katut from Dayu Bch Inn, and boarded my Pelita airways jet to Sumba. Ill leave out alot at this point but 3 hour drive later in vitual silence (the driver spoke no english-I no indonesian) we arrived at the 'resort' At first I was somewhat horrified. Just a collection of thatched roofed huts on a remote beach far from the nearest villiage. But after walking into the main hut and meeting "mr" david wylie, a expat from australia, I realized this would be OK. During my 10 day visit, I rode some fantastic surf, not world class but fun uncrowded and certainly big enough to get my adrenaline going more than once when the sets bumped up on the outer reef. Me David and an aussie named Gary took a 3 day road trip to West Sumba, like a trip back in time. Unlike dry and rugged canyon riddled east sumba, the west is green lush and veitnam looking. Its very traditional, and animism is still practiced as a suplement to either christian or muslim religions. We visited the surf breaks of Pero-on the extreme western tip of Sumba, and the renowned and very exclusive Nihuwatu surfing resort. We stayed 2 nights in Wakabubak, a place known for the Pasola festival as well as a massacre that occured in the mid 90s, in which over 200 townspeople were killed. People were in general freindly, but west sumba had an edge to it I felt the whole time. Still respect for the locals always seems to help no matter what the situation.

MY remaining days in Mr Davids were spent surfing fishing and talking to Dave and just relaxing. I really enjoyed Sumba and my stay there so I was reluctant to leave.

Back to Bali, I took a day tour to Kintamani and the volvcanoes area-very pretty but so geared to tourism and sellint to same that it was quite annoying. People are just trying to make a living but it can be taxing. I also visited the epic surf breaks of Ulu Watu, Padang, dreamland, and balamgan. I surfed the beach break at kuta often and hung out at night at the green garden hotel with my friend/bartender Bagus. After 31 days and a fine for overstaying my visa, it was off to Hong Kong.

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