Front of Parliment Bldg

Parliment Bldg - Mari & Bon Crossing St.

Empty Bldgs. Used for Billboards

A "Souk" - Covered Shopping Street - Older Town

Ceiling Light in Parliment

Graffitti! Political Stmt.?

One of Oldest Orthodox Churches - Statue to 17 Who Died in...

Museum of Natural Hist.

Only Facade Remains - Brick Bldg. on Lt. Pock Marked From '89...

Tim in Front of Bran Castle/Palace

Eating Lunch - "Together"

View of Parliment - Fountain Approach

Bldgs. Behind - Most Destroyed (60%)

Pretzel "Factory" - Yes!

Backgrd. Bldg. Coucscu Last Speech - Forgrnd. Permanent Memorial to Uprising Dead

Street Scene - Old Man Getting Donation

Seconds Later Reveals Old Man Sitting

Inside Parliment Bldg. Halls - Red Carpet Everywhere

Rooms Mostly Used Whatever Way to Make $$$

Very Ornate - Only Skylit Room

The Parliment Bldg

Bldgs Used for Capitalistic Enterprise

Where Cocescue Gave His Last Speech - Monument in Fore to Overthrow

Inside a Souk - Market Area Turned Modern

A One Ton Lite!

Expression of the People

Bust Commemorating the 17 Killed, Front of Oldest Church

Museum of Natural History Exhibit

Description in Museum

Outside Walls Preserved - Gutted Inside

Romania, home of the language most closely related to Latin...left on the 4 pm train in a 3 occupant sleeper, very nice tho a bit cramped...arrived in Bucharest 7 am their time(having lost then regained an hour). We did not have a stop on our way into Serbia to xchg Bulgarian leva so we were very careful to spend or exchg Serbian dinar before lvg. the country. Now in the train depot very early we only had some Euro to purchase Romanian lei so we could get a phone card and call the French women who invited us to stay when we met them in Povliv, Marie Neige and Mathilde. We had tried to call them in Belgrade but were unsuccessful, tho Bon left a here we were able to talk to Marie Neige and she said to get a taxi to the Hotel Ambassador where we met her and she took us to her small apt. where we stashed our stuff and then she took us on a tour via her car of the city! Mathilde we met later where we moved to stay since she has a much larger apt...they are both teachers in a French speaking school here.

After being here for 3 days and getting our leva exchged. and clothes washed and becoming friends with the two of them we are feeling quite comfortable in Romania. It is very western yet there is a huge gap between the haves and havenots,especially the elderly, the later subsisting on less than $3 US per day or less. Having overthrown their dictator(actually killing him and his wife - she being worse than he during "their" reign) of 24 years just 15 years ago and the regime following was not much better, it is only since the last election just over a year ago that things are hopefully looking up. Still bullet holes in building around the square where Ceacescu(sp?) gave his last speech and where they are constructing a monument to the revolution...a "black cross" marks where the first victim of the overthrow died across the street next to an Orthodox church dating from 1400.

We toured the second largest building in the world(after the Pentagon) which was the legacy of Ceacescu...only could view 6 "rooms" out of 1000...he levelled one sixth of the city to build his monumnent to the "people" begun in 1984(he was killed in '89) it is still displaced over 70,000 people from one of the most historic sections of the is already deteriorating.

Architecture in this city is huge,baroque,French,and incredible feast for the eyes everywhere!!

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