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So I left Auckland yesterday morning on the Magic bus and headed for the Coromandel Peninsula. There were 5 of us and one (Grace) left this morning.

We first stopped at the Hot Water Beach where at low tide you can dig a hole in the sand and sit in your own personal heated spa pool - unfortunately we timed it wrong and couldn't do so... although we did go for a paddle. We then headed to Cathedral Cove for a picnic.

Yesterday evening the 5 of us went to a pub quiz - and failed miserably at all NZ based questions! One of the markers took pity on us and gave us a few extra marks lol so we didn't come last - it was very much a local place and I think they were just happy to see a few new faces!

Today the 4 of us that were left Kay, Rach, Nikki and I went for a walk around Coromandel town... in the rain!!

Nikki and I leave for Rotoura tomorrow :)

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