Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

The lake at Coeur d' Alene

Did not know the lake was man made

It was amazing that this bridge was total poured in place concrete,...

We crossed this bridge yesterday on our way to Spokane

The lake is 25 miles long and this is one of the...

I have read about this golf course and really looked forward to...

Driving into the clubhouse, the banks prevent you from seeing the golf...

Parking for helicopters

This is where you putt into the 14th hole, AWESOME, the red...

If you want to boat to golf this is where you tie...

The area marked off on the left is the driving range. The...

Not sure which hole we are looking at

I sit the camera on the table at lunch time and took...

This boat left the golf course on their way to where ever

This gal is teeing off now and that is her cadie (mandatory)

Getting on the boat to go over to the green

And there they go

We are not sure but think only 1 tee shot made it...

On our way out of town, Great visit.

We are staying in Spokane and it is 35 miles from Coeur d' Alene and we decided to take a ride back to see the Golf Resort. And wow was it worth it.

We had lunch at the club house over looking the 14th hole. And is was fun watching the players tee off. WATER WATER WATER

Had a great lunch and decided we should schedule a tee time. When we went in they had openings for us to play the next day, and than I said I forgot to ask how much. $220 per person plus tip of 25-50 mandatory for the cadie. Figure $500. We thought about it and decided that while the 14th hole was awesome, the balance of the course we could see did not make us feel like it was worth $500. I have decided I would prefer to play Brunswick Forest when I get home. Which is a whole lot less.

We drove along the lake and enjoyed watching the boats run.

It was a great day.

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