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Planning trips-before we headed out

a closer look

NO MORE SNOWY WINTERS! yuck! Silver car, Red car, Truck- all ours!...

Our kitchen in the our Open Range, we have a center island...

This is our set up! 36ft of home on wheels!

Our two daughters, love em, and all their families! Boys are 12mo...

Spinning Heads? Changes? Well, isn't that the life we chose? Didn't we give up everything to become changers? To do it willingly and excitedly is sometimes the difficulty.

So, what in the world am I talking about? Well, I know God never changes, His promises are for us and we must change only ourselves, we can't change others. We can ask God to change the things that we are not okay with, but it is totally up to the person to change themselves.

Gheesh, Janette, what are you talking about? You are rattling on again!

Okay, I will come clean...

I was hoping that Meridian church would call and we would eventually have a paying job. That didn't happen. They didn't even call any of my references, but they said, "we'll talk in 3 wks", that was over 4 weeks ago!

So, panic set in and I decided to go on the hunt. Talk about FREAK OUT! Oh man! So, I find a place to "work" for our site, only to find that we had to each put in 25 hours a week for our site, that would cost us $2200 for 6 mo. Well, after talking with the manager and thinking "oh we could do this, she said we would be working extra hours like up to 50 a week and than bank those hours to take off in Jan-Mar. but for the job I was suppose to have would not have allowed this. It was a highly profitable business that could have afforded to pay their workcampers. So, just when I thought we could do this, the check in my spirit and the sleepless nights and the burden of this was too much! So yesterday at work, while in between cooking, serving, customers, we had a long talk, we have decided....

to not work at that place, to try to stay within the KOA systems, but to "vacation" for a while and enjoy the travels. As much as I want to be back in ministry, I love meeting all the people that we are meeting and hearing where they have been and what they have seen. I love talking with others who dream of doing what we are doing and try to figure it all out.

We have found some inexpensive sites to stay at, but we are going to try to work maybe Nov-Apr and then move up to MT and hopefully work in Glacier or Yellowstone Parks. We will be busy but it will be the same excitement of meeting so many people.

So, we will stay here until the hours get short in mid Sept and most likely head through Tennessee and go to the Smokey Mountains for a few days and then head down south.

So, continue to follow the changes and the exciting Sanne Times!

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