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The fourth dawned with a partly cloudy sky and to lots of noise from our nearest neighbors. A couple from Fairbanks moved into the spot next to us and they have 6 teen aged kids with them plus one other adult, 2 yapping dogs, a 4 wheeled motorized off road vehicle and a motorbike with noisy muffler. It will be a real test of our self control. The kids have pitched a tent in the grass across the CG road from the trailer the adults are staying in. This morning the father is busy tying up additional rain shelds over the tent as well as the picnic table next to the camper. Each cover is an old multi-colored parachute and it is fun watching the goings on. However soon the kids have the 4-wheeler and the motor bike cranked up and are disturbing the whole campground with them. The father stops by to chat and we find out he is a full time pilot with the Alaska National Guard and flies KC-30 tanker aircraft.

Later in the day we build a campfire and sit out until 8 PM when the cooler air drives us back in and off to a warm bed after a movie on the new TV and DVD player. Nice to have some entertainment. There are no TV station in range here, we are quite remote. Since we have one more night before we are scheduled into Denali, I tried calling Aramark to see if there was a spot open in Reiley Creek CG in Denali where we could spend the night of the 5th. The quick answer is no, nothing available in the part before the 8th. So we will need to either boondock or find a commercial CG near by.

A call to Grizzly Bear CG a bit on South of the Denali entrance reveals that they have spaces available for the 5th. With that booked we are off to bed. One additional note, we found out today that the Moose Drop Festival in Talkeetna has been cancelled in the interest on safety for the visitors. Turns out that last year there were several fights among the drunken guests and one person drove his 4-wheeled vehicle off of a bridge and drowned. And apparently the year before 4 people were killed when the impaired driver was involved in a bad accident and he and his 3 passengers were killed. We guss the main problem prompting the cancellation was drugs and booze. Oh well, it would have been fun!

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