Our Trip Home for the Wedding travel blog

Today we left the reunion. It was a great weekend!! We spent some time with some of Rhonda's aunts, uncles & cousins, met some new people but most importantly, we got to spend some time with Rhonda's parent's and her brother. It was really nice. And we got to stay put for more than 1 day, which was also nice.

The dogs did great!! They behaved themselves with the 150 or so people there, with the other dogs and even got to do a bunch of off leash in the yard. They loved that yard! It's a nice, huge, mowed area where they could run free and play with the ball. We were really proud of them.

We left Turtle Lake after breakfast and were at Chris & Nicole's earlier than planned so we could shower and do some laundry. The original plan was to leave Lloydminster on Monday, but we decided to get a head start and leave late Sunday afternoon.

We said our goodbyes and headed to Regina where we planned on finding a Wal-Mart and spending the night in the parking lot. When we got to Regina, we couldn't find a Wal-Mart. Weird, I know! So, we just kept going until we hit Weyburn where we found a truck stop, pulled in and parked for the night. We were exhausted since we went quite a bit further than planned. But, it was good because the border was close and an easy drive in the morning.

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