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The big day is finally here. Today, I marry the most amazing woman I know. The one I laugh with, cry with, share my heart, soul, hopes and dreams with. Without her, my world would be empty and being married to her is the biggest and best honor I could ever be given.

With that being said, the day didn’t start out as planned. We left Leah’s bright and early in order to pick up the wedding rings that were in the safe. On our way we picked up breakfast at Tim Hortons, got the rings and were the first ones at the Sunsera Salon for our hair appointments. To our disappointment, the salon said we had never booked in and therefore they had no appointments for the 6 of us. OMG!! The rest of our party showed up while the salon finally rebooked us with another Sunsera location in the city. We all hopped in our vehicles and headed over. Everyone’s hair turned out great except mine. It was horrible and I had to go to Leah’s to fix it because frankly, it looked like a molded helmet on my head. We all got our makeup done at the Makeup Studio and they did an awesome job. Then it was back to Leah’s to get our dresses on before meeting at the hall where our chauffeur Dean would be waiting with his ’58 Meteor.

The ceremony was at 1:00 so we left the hall sometime after 12:30. Once we got just outside of the Forestry Farm entrance, we realized we had left the marriage license back at the hall. Damn!! So not much we could do but turn around and go back. Yes, we would be late for our own wedding but it kind of took the pressure off of standing around and waiting for 1:00. All we did was get out of the car, talk briefly to the marriage commissioner and head to the isle.

Rhonda, myself, Leah & Roseanne walked around the corner and the first thing we seen were our Dad’s and our brothers waiting for us. I lost it about that point.  As I got to my Dad and my brother, I was supposed to take their hands and prepare to walk, but I couldn’t. All I could do was go up to them and hug them for being there for me…for us…for both Rhonda & I. All of the love and support that was in that one little area was overwhelming. Over 200 of our closest family and friends were there to watch us commit our life and love to each other. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I know Rhonda will agree.

The ceremony was perfect and the words read by our marriage commissioner talked about Rhonda and I personally. They expressed exactly how we feel about each other and how we choose to live our lives…with love…with happiness. Everyone was touched and we had so many people come up to us saying how it was one of the most touching and memorable weddings they had ever attended. We feel the same.

After the ceremony, we got to hug and talk to everyone who attended. It was so great to see everyone and we thank every single person who was there for us. Family photos followed and then Dean drove us to numerous locations in the city to have our photos taken. Shawnda did an amazing job and we are itching to see the photos. They were so much fun and I do have to say that the four of us; me, Rhonda, Rosie & Leah, looked beautiful!!!

The rest of the day had us at the hall visiting with everyone, supper, drinks, speeches, more visiting, the dance and hotdogs to end the evening. By midnight we were absolutely exhausted but the day was perfect. The weather co-operated, it was cloudy at times, sunny other times, it rained a bit once everyone was in the hall and cleared up so that the rest of the evening was perfect.

The day….our day….a HUGE success!!!

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