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The day before the wedding….eeeeeeek!!! Where to start? First off, the dogs were supposed to go to the kennel for the weekend but then Pyper stopped eating the day before and vomited a bit. After refusing a third meal, Rhonda was freaked out and took her to the vet in the morning. This also meant that only Hallie & Mia would be staying at the kennel for the weekend and Pyper would stay at the hall with us so we could watch her. The vet said there didn’t seem to be anything wrong, to fast her for the next 24 hours and then start trying to feed her some soft gastro food. We kept her kenneled in the hall during the day and by evening she started to get her appetite back and seemed more herself. In the end, we decided she had reacted to all of the commotion and to our anxiety. Or, she was smart enough to know that she didn’t want to be at the kennel and if she faked sickness, she could stay with us. She’s a smart dog, so who knows? Haha

The whole day was a whirlwind of events and I doubt I can even remember everything that happened. One thing is for certain, is that we had lots of help from family and friends and the hall was decorated in record time. Leah & Roseanne were there to help with everything we needed. Rhonda spent a majority of the day running around with her parents, doing last minute shopping and errands. My Dad & stepmom Bev were there to help, as were Chris & Nicole. Jesse was such a good boy the entire day…we designated him the supervisor.  My sister Natalie showed up with our niece Kaylee and her newest Reese. This was the first time we got to meet Reese and she is super adorable! Both her and Jesse got lots of attention that day. Wilma & Richard showed up to help…well, I think Richard slept most of the day and we were pleasantly surprised that they brought Deanne, sweet little Kayla and Ashley who found his feminine side that day when we got him tying chair bows.

A short list of the things done that day were putting all the table coverings on the tables, arrange and set out flowers, arrange and set up photo centerpieces, set out candles, tie bows to all chairs, ice all of the cupcakes, get coffee and tea ready, put out flower arrangements and about a million other little things. For the entire day, I think both my head and Rhonda’s head where swirling trying to ensure that everyone had a job and that we covered all bases. Without such a great set-up crew, we’d have never got it done like we did.

By mid afternoon, the hall looked amazing! The last thing to do was blow up the helium balloons and to ensure they lasted until the next night; we left them until the very end of the day. But before that, Bev had supper ready for 6:00 pm. Rhonda’s cousin Lisa and her husband Grant showed up so Lisa could get the lowdown about the programs since her and Deanne were our ushers. After supper, our group headed to the Forestry Farm for rehearsal, which was a blast!! Everyone was in a pretty good mood and we made rehearsal a whole lot of fun.

After rehearsal we went back to the hall to work on balloons, clean up and ensure everything was ready for the big day and then headed to Leah’s for the night. We were so exhausted that there were no problems getting to sleep. Morning would come very early…

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