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Three Sisters' Island

Waiting on the Trolley and heading for the Aquarium

Ashlynn's favorite spot at the Aquarium

Being in the Seabees during the Viet Nam era,Pappy had to see...

Navy Seabee Memorial--Tonawanda,NY

Navy Seabee Memorial--Tonawanda

Ashlynn and Becca checking out Lake Ontario

Ashlynn and Becca at the entrance of the old school house

Checking out the old school house at Middletown,NY

Still laughing about "Rusty Butts" as we travel

Crossing the Delaware River

Pappy couldn't get this guy to stop listening during a travel break...

Grammy and her girls in front of the Deposit,NY motel

The girls in front of the motel

The Deposit Motel

We all had a good trip back to Birchview. We went back a different route than we went up to Niagara Falls on. We wanted to show the girls as much different country as we could. We headed NE to Lake Ontario then SE through the Catskill Kingston,NY. We stayed at a quiet and quaint motel in the small friendly town of Deposit,NY. There we ate at the little diner next to the motel called the Pines Diner. We heard lots of small town stories while eating our meals there. When you put "Rusty Butts" and "the Deposit Closet" together to make a story,It can be very entertaining.Just ask Becca or Ashlynn when you see them next time.:) After leaving the motel and the entertaining Pines Diner,we headed around the NE part of PA towards Stroudsburg,PA. We followed the Delaware River for several miles of great scenery. We arrived at Birchview campground in mid afternoon Friday 7/2 all safe and sound. We had traveled 1050 miles since the morning of 6/28 with Grammy and pappy surviving to talk about it.:):) Really we can't complain because the girls are good travelers. If you don't hear from Grammy and Pappy for a few days,don't be alarmed.....we are just resting up for the next adventure with our girls.:):)

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