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Sunday July 4th!

Another tragedy in our lives. Our dear friend Sam Burg (Van Nuys) passed away late Friday night while his wife Toba & daughter Karen were on a short trip to Yellowstone. He was unaccounted for on Sat. & discovered Sat. afternoon in his home. I did speak with Toba last night (Sat) & now she has flown home. Our hearts are with her & the family. I will keep details brief at this time.

Hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day. Ours was spent driving from Cody to Devil’s Tower National Monument in…… ta da… Wyoming! So here we are. Beautiful country, blue sky, etc etc etc…. The 320 mile drive took over 7 hrs. Between the uphills & downhills & a long stretch of mottled, deep pitted, dirt road under construction, we arrived here at 6:30pm. We drove thru a beautiful narrow canyon & the plateau that is very large at the top. We actually saw a big beautiful moose along side the road but we came upon him so suddenly we had no time to pull over or get the camera. You’ll just have to take our word for it.

Though a small community….. at the park entrance, in the park campground & at the KOA, the place is jammed. There is a community barbecue going on, a ranger program & then the fireworks. There is a large crowd of people taking the 1.3 mile walk around the monolith. This is a very sacred place for some of the Native Americans.

I spoke briefly with little Courtney (4) & she asked us to join them at the fireworks. Then she told me about last year when we were with them & the “balls on strings” that I gave them & Maxie. Oy.. I was farklempt! It was a pure joy to be able to spend the unexpected time with the girls last week. I have been known to take bites out of them!

We stopped here for overnight but we are on a direct route to Milwaukee. We think we can make it by late Wed or Thur. Besides the reunion, we have many additional nieces & nephews of Aunt Grace to see, my sister, brother & cousins & Teplinsky cousins as well.

We are traveling with heavy hearts but moving on & doing okay….

Love to all, Freya & Allan

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