Earl and Linda on the Road Again 2010 travel blog

One of the 5 falls in Great Falls Montana

I have never seen falls with so much force



Water is so calm and yet so close to the falls. Swinging...


I really do not want to go

Same area


More falls

Interesting that Clark could measure the falls and with modern tools he...

The first time we had ever seen all gates open on a...

This was a gift from Steve and Judy, all about a raft...

This falls was closer to town

Alot of water in this country

More, if I do not label these pictures it says untitled which...

Montana Veterans Memorial

So great that we have these memorials to honor our soldiers

The inside circle of memorial is layered walls with the soldiers names

From the road no one would ever know how well done this...

Let them fly

Seldom do we have a memorial to volunteers, and without them where...

Today is a sight seeing day. We did a drive to see the 5 water falls in Grand Falls and than a quick stop at the Montana Veterans War Memorial.

While at one of the falls we had to cross a swinging bridge to get over to a walk around the falls, the bridge limit was 6 and than as soon as you cross there is a sign that says if you hear 6 short sound blasts, to leave the island immediately. We both said bet me everyone on this island wuld be on that bridge.

Beautiful day, and perfect weather. We left home one month ago today.

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