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Bangkok is the last leg of what I can best describe as an amazing and unforgettable 9 or so months of travelling. From Bangkok I did a day trip to Kanchanaburi, which is a 2 hours drive from the city. This is the place where the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai was built by Allied POW's during World War 2. Thousands of POW's died during the construction of this 'death railway' that was built under Japanese orders to connect Thailand with Burma. I visited the Allied war cemetery, the war museum, walked along the bridge and also travelled along a large section of the track and the bridge by train. After this day I had a few days left in Bangkok, which I had set aside to pick up some bargains at the many shopping centres and markets there are in the city. I visited Chatuchak weekend market which is said to be the biggest in the world. It was huge, too big in fact. I got hot, lost and bored so didn't stay too long. I also visited the MBK shopping centre. This place is over 8 floors and is huge, it's probably not but it felt like the biggest mall in the world. I'm writing this on my last night in Bangkok, and so of my travels. My day tomorrow will consist of a Thai massage or 2 and lots of Thai green curry and Pad Thai and fresh fruit shakes.

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