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Fishing While We Wait

Our Tour Boat

Lake Itasca

Shore Line And Wild Rice

The Headwaters - Crowded

John And The Captain


Baby Barn Swallows

Mom Arrives

Bald Eagle

Douglas Lodge

Red Pine

We are back sightseeing. We drive fifty minutes south to Itasca State Park. There is an excursion tour boat on Lake Itasca.

We drive the main park road from the North Entrance to Douglas Lodge. We missed this road when we were here before. We drove the Wilderness Road instead.

The owners of the tour boat require sixteen passengers to sail. There is a minor cheer when a family of six show up. The boat is not crowded!

The boat takes the same path Schoolcraft took. Schoolcraft was not the first to discover Lake Itasca. The Native Americans showed him the way. He gets credit for declaring Lake Itasca the headwaters of the Mississippi.

From the boat, we see the spot where the Mississippi starts its journey south. What a difference a month can make. We were here on May 29th and had the place to ourselves. Today it is very crowded!

Birds are our only wildlife sightings today. We see many loons. The loon is Minnesota’s state bird. We see two bald eagles. A barn swallow has a nest on the boat. The swallows flying in and out of the nest entertain us for a while.

It is breezy and that is good. Because of the breeze, it is cool on the lake. It is just the right trip for a warm day. To make the day perfect we stop at Douglas Lodge for a great lunch after our tour.

Route: MN 2, 71

Campground: Bemidji KOA

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