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Hannah and Leonie




SO...I woke up at 11:30am. I was so excited about going to the beach. I got up, put on my swimwear, grabbed my bookbag, then headed to the lobby to meet up with everyone. When I got to the lobby, no one was there. That's when I found out that I got left behind ( shaking my head). I tried to get my Antonio to com to the beach with me, but instead he took a bus tour of Barcelona. I didnt want to do that. My mind was set on the beach, since it was hot outside.

After some critical thinking (lol), I decided to find the beach BY MYSELF ( Mom, please forgive me!). I figured it would make my experience more adventurous if I found it, not having a clue where I was going. I went to the subway and asked people which direction was Sitges Beach. There was a guy who spoke little english but told me which train to take and the stop to get off at. I followed his directions and got on the train. I had to take the metro train to a totally different train line. Once I got on the train, I was asking people, "Tu hablas inglis?" The translation for this question is "Do you speak English?" There was a couple whose name was Tere and Roger who helped me find the next train that went to Sitges. They were so helpful and even waited for me in line to purchase my train fare. After purchasing a ticket, they showed me which terminal to take, which was Terminal 9. I thanked them for their kindness and got on the train headed to Sitges.

I felt a little bit better knowing that I was headed in the right direction; Everyone on the train were headed to the beach. While on the train, a lady complimented my book bag. Her name was Jan Neris from Queens, NY. Her and her friend Alex Cardona, from San Juan , Puerto Rico, were in Spain on business. They too were headed to the beach. While chatting with them, I then mwet two young ladies by the name of Hannah and Leonie. They were sitting next to Jan, Alex, and I. Hannah is from Tunbridge Wells, England and Leonie is from Munich, Germany. They both are doing a tour around Europe. Hannah and Leonie joined in our conversation.

We all walked down to the beach together, then went our separate ways. I tried to find some of the people from my group but couldnt. The beach was way too big and long. I gave up looking for them and went sighteeing. Sitges is a really nice city. It is the closest beach to Barcelona and about 45 minutes away from the city. It reminded me of South Beach, Miami. I ended up running into Jan and Alex again while strolling around the beach.

There was a beautiful church that sat off the shore. The name of it is Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla. There was a wedding taking place while I was there. The bride and groom drove in a 1956 Mercedes Benz. I took pictures of it.

Sitges has a lot of shops and boutiques. There was one store that caught my eye. The name of it was "Tony Vartrano". I decided to go in and check it out. The store sold clothing for men and women at a reasonable price. The style of the clothing was very unique. I bought a blue button up shirt with red stitching. It is HOTT!!!! I took pictures of the store as well as me holding my fancy Tony Vartrano shopping bag. After I left the store, I headed back to the train station to go back to Barcelona.

Truly, my quest to Sitges Beach started off shaky, but had a happy ending. If I had to make a moral for this story it would be to never let anything or anyone stop you from reaching your goal. There will always be someone there to motivate and cheerlead you to help reach it. If it wasn't for Tere, Roger, Jan, Alex, Hannah, and Leonie, I don't think I would have ever found the beach. I was grateful for their assistance. It's nice to be nice! In closing, my day at the beach was WORTHWHILE!!!!!!!! ( Thank you Lord for traveling mercies! )

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